TESOL Course Evaluation Form #23

I’d like more sample lessons, particularly for writing English for people who don’t use an alphabet.

Name (Optional) Miranda R.
Meeting site was adequate in size, comfortable, and convenient *
Strongly Agree
Online website was organized and easy to navigate *
Strongly Agree
Course administration was efficient and friendly *
Strongly Agree
Course objectives were consistent with the course as advertised *
Strongly Agree
Course material was up-to-date, well-organized, and presented in sufficient depth*
Strongly Agree
Instructor demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of TESOL *
Strongly Agree
Instructor appeared to be interested and enthusiastic about TESOL *
Strongly Agree
Instructor encouraged questions and participation *
Audio-visual materials used were relevant and of high quality *
Lectures enhanced course content *
Overall, this course prepared me for teaching English *
Overall, my instructor did a good job *
Strongly Agree
Comments (positive or negative):
Other courses you would like offered:
Maybe specific TESOL for speakers of Chinese?

25 May 2011

2:50:37 PM


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